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Annual Report FY 2018-19: By the numbers

How we make a difference, in numbers

The numbers don’t lie. The Library matters. Each piece of information we gather gives us insights into our spaces, our treasures, and our services — and the people who rely on them every day. Piece by piece, this collection of data reveals the story of where we’ve been and prepares us for the chapters that lie ahead. Click on the numbers to learn more about each item!


Participants in Library instruction

Thousands benefited from the Library’s instruction efforts. Through workshops, consultations, and class visits, the Library helps students explore a range of subjects, from copyright to digital mapping to information literacy.



Total pageviews

The Library’s website racked up nearly 4.8 million pageviews from 1,401,263 users, coming from all over the world. India was the country with the most visitors after the U.S., with more than 60,000.



e-book usage

In the 2018 calendar year, scholars downloaded nearly 4.3 million chapters. The Oxford English Dictionary was the most popular e-book.



e-journal usage

Users downloaded about 6.5 million articles in the 2018 calendar year. The science journal Nature was the most popular title, with 219,080 downloads.



Visits to Moffitt Library

On the precipice of completing its transition into the Center for Connected Learning, Moffitt Library continued to be a popular hub for undergraduates, with around 1.7 million visits during the year. The busiest month was October, with 267,159 visits.



Images scanned

The Library boosted its digitization efforts, set on making our knowledge available to the world. The Library scanned nearly 1.4 million images in-house and worked with vendors to scan an additional 142,273 images.



Volumes in the Library’s collections

The Library’s collections are more than 13 million volumes strong. Materials include paintings, lithographs, papyri, audio and video recordings, and countless gems including an original sketch of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sixth String Quartet and what is believed to be the oldest known piece of paper written on by Mark Twain.



Students employed by the library

The Library helps students discover the world — and their potential in it. In 2018, the Library launched an undergraduate fellowship program to nurture the diverse skills across campus, from data analysis to media production. This spring, the fellows created a DeCal, or student-led course, in Moffitt Library to share those skills with others. Student expertise pulses throughout the Library, where our Work+Learn program connects students with jobs unique to them — from cataloging in a variety of languages to conjuring complex data visualizations.



The number of people it takes to make a difference

With your support, the Library can continue to connect Berkeley students with the world’s knowledge and inspire innovation for generations to come.


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