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Annual Report FY 2021-22: By the numbers

Of milestones and multitudes

It was a year of milestones. Our libraries reopened; UC Library Search launched, unifying collections from libraries across the University of California; and our website got a bold makeover, improving aesthetics and accessibility. All the while, we continued to deepen our collections, offer research help and instruction, provide free digital textbooks to students, and share our materials with the world. It’s true: We contain multitudes. Here are just a few of the ways.


Visits to Doe Library

Doe Library received more than a million visits this year, racking up 8,980 visits on Aug. 25, 2021, the first day of fall instruction.



Images scanned

The Library scanned more than 2 million images as part of its digitization efforts, with 1,969,442 images scanned in-house and 455,448 images scanned with the help of vendors. The Library continued to make its treasures available to all, adding 58 new collections to its Digital Collections portal.



Volumes in the Library’s collections

The Library continued to build upon its vast collections, ending the year with nearly 14 million volumes, including 2,098,896 e-books.



Enrollments in classes served by e-reserves

Classes enrolling more than 40,000 students and spanning 77 departments benefited from the Library’s program that provides students with free digital versions of the articles, books, and videos they need for their classes.



Student workers

The Library, among the campus’s leading employers of students, had a workforce that included more than 500 students, with roles such as analyzing and visualizing data, and engaging the public through tours.



Participants in Library instruction

The Library’s instruction efforts garnered more than 19,000 participants. The Library also provided 28,188 reference consultations.



Sessions on UC Library Search

Users logged more than a million sessions on UC Library Search, the discovery platform that launched in summer 2021. Popular searches included “oxford english dictionary,” “web of science,” and “new york times.”



Website views

The Library’s website served visitors worldwide, with more than 4 million pageviews this year.