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Annual Report FY 2020-21: By the numbers

It was a year we couldn’t forget, and an impact we can’t ignore.

In the first full year of the pandemic, our resolve never faded. We continued to build our collections and spread knowledge to members of our community. We digitized our materials at an even faster pace, and, when it was safe, opened our doors to students and scholars who needed access to our world-class treasures, and a place to study. Here’s a glimpse at how the Library rose above the chaos to serve our mission.


HathiTrust pageviews

This year, the Library provided access to digital versions of millions of the physical volumes held by libraries across the 10-campus University of California system — plus UC’s two expansive off-site library storage facilities — through HathiTrust’s Emergency Temporary Access Service. Berkeley users logged nearly 5 million pageviews on HathiTrust, the massive collaborative digital repository. The top titles for Berkeley on the emergency service were The Early History of Rome, Health Economics, and Virgil’s ancient epic The Aeneid.



Visits to Moffitt Library in one day

On April 5, Moffitt Library officially became the first library on campus to reopen its doors to students needing a place to study during the pandemic. Through a new service, students could make reservations for study space at Moffitt, with precautions in place, such as social distancing and mandatory masking. That day, Moffitt notched 342 visits, with the most popular hour at the library starting at 3 p.m.



Volumes in the Library’s collections

The Library’s massive collections continued to grow, venturing further past 13 million volumes, with e-books comprising 2,079,573 of those volumes.



Images scanned

This year, the Library made a giant leap in its digitization efforts, as it worked to connect students with digital versions of their course materials. The Library scanned more than 3 million images — more than double its output over last year — with 2,935,070 of those images scanned in-house and 114,328 through the help of vendors. The Library also continued to bolster its Digital Collections portal, the gateway to its digitized treasures, adding 90,281 new records.



Participants in Library instruction

This year, the Library’s instruction efforts notched more than 20,000 participants, who learned about everything from data visualization to the basics of copyright.



Website pageviews

During a year when a strong online presence was more important than ever, the Library’s website garnered nearly 4 million pageviews. The Library’s perennially popular page on how to contact the president and vice president of the United States racked up 107,782 pageviews alone.