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Annual Report FY 2017-18


Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, University Librarian

Jeffrey MacKie-Mason
University Librarian

Every day, I am proud of what this university is — who we are, what we stand for. Berkeley is Berkeley because of the spirit of our thinkers and dreamers. We break barriers and believe that knowledge should be available to everyone. We expand horizons by rethinking what’s possible. We build community at a time when our differences are used to divide us instead of bring us together. We inspire conversation, opening minds to new ideas. And we “cultivate a more enlightened human family for generations to come.” Those words, and the thoughts of so many others who were inspired by Doe Library’s We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re in the Public Record! exhibit this year, capture the very essence of what we aspire to do every day at the Library. We thank you, our supporters, for joining us on this mission. After all, Berkeley is Berkeley because we believe in what Berkeley is — and what it can continue to be.