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Annual Report FY 2017-18

By the numbers

On the surface, they’re just numbers. But behind each one is a story: a rare volume that completes someone’s research. Money saved by a student who no longer has to choose between an expensive textbook and a trip home. Late night study groups that bloom into lifelong friendships. Together, these numbers paint a picture of the Library as an important beacon of knowledge — and so much more — for Berkeley and beyond. Click on the numbers to learn more about each item!


Visits to Moffitt Library

Moffitt is a hub of activity, having notched more than a million visits during the year. The busiest month? October of last year, which saw an average of 8,040 visits a day.



Total pageviews

The Library’s website had nearly 5 million pageviews, from 1,372,228 users. That’s roughly the equivalent of one user for every person living in the city of Dallas, Texas.



e-book usage

In the 2017 calendar year, scholars downloaded nearly 4.6 million chapters. The most popular e-book? The Oxford English Dictionary.



e-journal usage

Users downloaded more than 6.6 million articles in the 2017 calendar year. The science journal Nature was the most popular title.



Student savings

An innovative Library program has helped ease students’ financial burden by offering free or openly available course materials, including open textbooks and free electronic course packs and assigned books. The Affordable Course Content Pilot has saved students an estimated $200,000 and has supported more than 40 courses and approximately 2,400 students.



Participants in Library instruction

Over the course of the year, thousands took part in Library instruction. The topics ran the gamut, covering everything from publishing to 3-D printing. The Library hosted more than 50 workshops through the recently launched Level Up initiative, which aims to help students take a closer look at the technology in their lives through in-person training and online guides.



Digital items scanned

Digitization has continued to be a priority, with the Library scanning nearly a million digital images in-house — up threefold from last year. The Library also worked with vendors to scan nearly 230,000 images, including personal papers, photographs, and artwork that document the experience of Japanese American internees during World War II.



Volumes in the Library’s collections

The Library’s world-renowned collections comprise nearly 13 million volumes. Materials include paintings, lithographs, papyri, audio and video recordings, and ephemera such as leaflets from the Free Speech Movement, a note from Helen Keller to Mark Twain in honor of his 70th birthday, and vintage costumes worn by Berkeley’s beloved mascot, Oski.



Total giving FY 2017-18

Your support enables the Library to help advance research, teaching, and learning at Berkeley. Thank you!