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Library Strategic Projects

Active strategic plan projects

Each year, the UC Berkeley Library identifies key projects that advance the Library’s strategic plan. The projects support one, or more, of the Library’s four strategic directions (access, scholarship, growth, outreach).

Expand the sections below to learn more about the projects for the current fiscal year.

Improve how scholars access resources

Digital Lifecycle Program: Design and infrastructure

Long-term goals for multi-year project

  • Design and deploy a single platform that unites the Library’s various digital collections
  • Explore and improve workflow and strategies for managing metadata
  • Enhance the discovery of the Library’s digital assets
  • Establish protocol for proposing new collections for digitization

FY 2019-20 project scope

  • Begin with a Library-only soft launch of the digital collections site
  • Create policies for workflow, risk assessment, and digitization proposals
  • Unify various digital platforms and storage systems, enhancing metadata management
  • Deliver a proposal for UX testing

FY 2019-20 outcomes and deliverables

  • Migration of collections into the digital portal
  • Clear take-down policy
  • A plan for workflow improvement and the establishment of new roles
  • Public launch of the digital collections portal, with publicity from Library Communications
  • Hiring of a DLP project manager
  • Proposal for inaugural DLP division, including new DLP positions
  • Implementation of risks and ethics assessment policies
  • Strategies for proposing and selecting new collections to be digitized
  • UX testing on the digital collections portal

Help develop emerging areas of scholarship

Advance open access scholarship

Long-term goals for multi-year project

  • Enter transformative open access agreements for the University of California or the Berkeley campus
  • Establish criteria and policies to guide investments in open access
  • Facilitate open access to digitized Library collections by reducing barriers for scholars

FY 2019-20 project scope

  • Participate in negotiations for open access agreements with scholarly journal publishers
  • Help develop infrastructure to support UC’s multi-payer model
  • Work to implement shared licensed content strategies
  • Identify criteria and best practices for both one-time and ongoing open access funding
  • Create process for discovery and referral of potential OA investment opportunities
  • Develop decision-making protocol for funding OA resources
  • Help implement a risk assessment framework to support the DLP

FY 2019-20 outcomes and deliverables

  • Transformative open access agreements
  • Infrastructure for a publishing workflow that supports UC’s multi-payer model
  • Criteria for OA investment
  • Memoranda with recommendations for risk assessment for DLP
  • Improved workflow and recordkeeping for DLP support
  • Guidance and staff training (as needed) on copyright, information policy, digitization, etc.

Tell our story to build community and cultivate relationships

Library website redesign: Content exploration, UX research

Long-term goals for multi-year project

  • Improve how scholars access resources by reevaluating the user experience of the Library’s public
  • Undergo a content refresh to ensure information is consistent and accurate
  • Deploy a visual redesign that reflects the Library and campus brand
  • Continue to improve our ADA compliance standards

FY 2019-20 project scope

  • Discuss website content with Library staff
  • Begin to plan website design
  • Develop a content matrix and site map
  • Collaborate with Library IT and Library leadership

FY 2019-20 outcomes and deliverables

  • Content map to deliver to UX research firm
  • Recommendations for improved user experience
  • Project plan that includes timeline for planning, building, and testing phases
  • Initial sketches of content and design
  • Consultation with key stakeholders


Previous strategic projects

FY 2018-19